Heat Sink Sizing Calculator - Rough Estimate
Estimate the overall volume of the heat sink required to cool a heat source by using the following equation:  
  V= (Q*Rv)/Delta T  
Heat sink volume in cm3 = (heat source power in watts x volumetric thermal resistance) / (Tjunction - maximum ambient temperature)
Inputs (in yellow)    
Heat Source Power (Q) Watt  
Tcase Max (manuf supplied) Deg. C      
Max Ambient Temperature Deg. C      
Delta - T (Thermal Budget) Deg. C  
Volumetric Thermal Resistance (Rv)    
(refer to table at right)      
Estimated Heat Sink Volume cm3  
Desired Heat Sink Volume      
Length cm      
Width  cm      
Height (base plus fin) cm      
Desired Heat Sink Volume cm3      
Your Desired Heat Sink Size is