Spreading Delta-T Calculator  
  Provides relative spreading delta-ts between a vapor chamber and other common heat spreader materials.  
  Heat Source Information              
  Heat Source Power          
  Length of Heat Source   mm          
  Width of Heat Source mm          
  Heat Source Area  cm2          
  Heat Source Power Density W/cm2          
  Metal Base and Vapor Chamber Base Informatiom            
  Length of Base mm          
  Width of Base mm          
  Thickness of Solid Metal Base mm          
  Material Conductivity (solid metal)
W/m-K Aluminum = 180, Copper = 380    
  Thickness of Vapor Chamber Base
  Heat Sink Information              
  Heat Sink Theta oC/W          
  If unknown, divide 30 by heat source power in watts           
  RESULTS: Spreading Delta-T's in oC              
  Vapor Chamber   Metal Base   Metal Base   Metal Base  
  Any Location   Center   Edge Center   Corner