Heat Sink Calculator

This heat sink calculator compares heat sinks using a solid metal base to those using a vapor chamber base: heat sink thermal resistance & Delta-T for each component part of the heat sink. The total heat sink delta-T is the sum of the following change in temperatures: Fin Pack (air, fin to air, and fin delta-Ts), Interface Materials (TIM and base to fin – usually solder), and the Base (both solid metal and vapor chamber bases are shown)

Generally, solid metal heat sinks with spreading resistances in excess of 10 degrees Celsius are good candidates for vapor chamber or heat pipe designs, although other factors such as weight or base thickness may come into play.

Numerous variables have been fixed or limited. Engineers needing product that fall outside the input parameters are encouraged to contact our technical teams from the Request a Quote page. As with any model, we strive to be as accurate as possible. Yet, it’s just a model. CLICK here for a guide on how to use this calculator.

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