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Vapor Chamber & Heat Pipe Heat Sinks

Celsia is a custom heat sink manufacturer specializing in vapor chamber and heat pipe thermal assemblies. Our heat sink design and manufacturing facilities are ISO certified and compliant with ITAR, RoHS, REACH, & ECSS.


Heat Sink Manufacturer Using Two-Phase Cooling Technologies

Heat pipes or vapor chambers are used in all custom heat sinks manufactured by Celsia.

Heat Pipe Wick Types

Heat Pipes

Heat pipes are ideal for transporting heat to a remote heat sink. Changes to shape, wick thickness, wick porosity and fluid loading are optimized for each heat sink design. Bending and flattening are common modifications.

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One-Piece Vapor Chamber with Embossment

1-Piece Vapor Chamber

One-piece vapor chambers were pioneered by Celsia a decade ago. This unique design is cost comparable to multi heat pipe solutions and allows Z axis bending to form U and L shapes. Great for spreading heat to a local heat sink.

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Two-Piece Vapor Chamber with Embossment

2-Piece Vapor Chamber

Two-piece vapor chambers can be stamped into any shape along the X and Y axes to mold around crowded components or reduce weight. Surfaces can be embossed up to 8mm to reach recessed heat sources.

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Heat Sink Specialties

Our Specialties

12mm Heat Pipe Cools 130W LED Light Engine

Heat Pipe Heat Sinks

Each of the 2.5 million custom heat sinks we’ve manufactured uses heat pipes or vapor chambers whose internal structure is matched precisely to the application.

12mm Heat Pipe Cools 130W LED Light Engine

Difficult Heat Sink Challenges

We solve custom heat sink design & manufacturing problems associated with densely packed electronics, low/no airflow, high ambient temperatures and power densities up to 500 w/cm2. Test us for yourself.

Small to Mid Size Heat Sink Orders

5 – 5,000 custom heat sinks per month are Celsia’s forte. Our wholly owned design and heat sink manufacturing facilities are optimized to deliver the quality, price & performance not found elsewhere.

Stellar Customer Service

Celsia’s goal – provide an unmatched level of customer satisfaction through quick responses to inquiries and 2-4 week turnarounds on design, prototype & heat sink production orders.

Heat Sink Blog | Heat Sinks, Vapor Chambers & Heat Pipes

Difference between passive and active heat sinks

Heat Pipe Thermal Conductivity

Learn about variables affecting heat pipe thermal conductivity and link to online tool to determine the precise conductivity of heat pipes designed for your application.

Heat Pipe Design Guide

Heat pipe best practices, usage scenarios, rules of thumb, and heat sink integration tips are presented in the heat pipe design guide.

Vapor Chamber vs Heat Pipe | Cheat Sheet

Although based on the same inner working principles, heat pipes and vapor chambers have unique characteristics in terms of design, usage and heat sink integration.

Vapor Chamber Design Guide

Design guide covering vapor chamber cooling for electronics: best uses, types, heat sink integration, calculators & much more.

Heat Sink Calculators

Try free online calculators to estimate heat sink size, choose the right heat pipe, and compare vapor chamber heat sink delta-T.

Custom Manufactured Two-Phase Heat Sinks

Extruded Heat Sink

Extruded Heat Sink

Pairing heat pipes or vapor chambers with extruded heat sinks offers a cost-effective and reliable two-phase solution.

Zipper Fin Heat Sink

Zipper Fin Heat Sink

Allowing for very high fin density, these heat sinks are the most common performance choice for use with heat pipes

Machined Heat Sink

Machined Heat Sink

Offering the most design flexibility, and highest cost, CNC machined heat sinks are used when production volumes are small.

Skived Heat Sink

Skived Heat Sink

Heat sinks manufactured using this process have excellent thermal properties coupled with high fin aspect ratio and low tooling cost.

Full Heat Sink Assemblies

Full Heat Sink Assemblies

To streamline installation, complete thermal assemblies can come with attached fans, mounting hardware, and TIM material.

Heat Sink Oddities

Heat Sink Oddities

When ‘traditional’ heat sink designs won’t work, Celsia can provide square heat pipes, two-phase bricks, or vertical vapor chambers.