Heat Sink Design & Validation

Gather project requirements & generate Excel design analysis

Heat Sink CFD & Optimization

Create CFD model to optimize design parameters

Prototype & Heat Sink Manufacturing

100% testing of prototype & mass-production heat sinks

Custom Heat
Sink Technologies

Copper/Water Heat Pipes

Heat pipes are ideal for transporting heat to remote heat sinks. Changes to shape, wick & wall thickness, wick porosity, and fluid loading are optimized for each heat sink design.

Heat Pipe Design Guide

1-Piece Vapor Chambers​

Low-cost vapor chambers are cost comparable to multi-heat pipe heat sinks and allow Z-axis bending to form U-shapes. Dimensions up to 109mm wide, width to height aspect ratio up to 30:1

Vapor Chamber Technology

2-Piece Vapor Chambers​

Traditional vapor chambers can be stamped into any shape along the X and Y axes, have thru-holes, be embossed, and support different wick structures within the same device.

Vapor Chamber Design Guide

Specialty Two-Phase​

Machined vapor chambers allow multiple heat sources to be attached, while copper-methanol and aluminum-acetone heat pipes allow for low temperature and/or low weight.​

Specialty Two-Phase Designs

Phase Change Material​

PCM heat sinks are used to manage substantial yet short-duration spikes in either ambient temperature or device thermal load, eliminating the need for more expensive alternatives.

PCM Technology

Thermal Straps​

Solves shock & vibration and thermal expansion issues by using flexible braids to separate evaporator and condenser mounting plates. Can be used with two-phase devices.​

Thermal Strap Technology

Celsia Core

Difficult Heat Sink Design Challenges

We solve custom heat sink design & manufacturing problems associated with densely packed electronics, low/no airflow, high ambient temperatures, thermal budgets below 40 oC, and power densities up to 500 w/cm2.

Fast Response | Fast Turnaround

Celsia provides an unmatched level of customer support through quick responses to inquiries, 2-4 day heat sink validation after video call, 1-3 week CFD creation and optimization, and 6-8 weeks for both prototype and mass production heat sink orders.

Unrivaled Quality Control Standards

Mission critical and long-life product applications demand individually testing 100% of production heat pipes for leaks, burn-in, rated Q-max, and dimensional tolerances AND 100% of assembled heat sinks for dimensional and thermal resistance compliance.

Small to Mid Size Heat Sink Orders

Procurement, staging, manufacturing, assembly, and QC procedures tuned to support individual heat sink order quantities of 5-5,000 units per month for customers in the defense, telecom, industrial, and medical markets.

Popular Heat Sink
Calculator & Blog Pages

Heat Sink Design Fundamentals

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Heat sink design fundamentals including heat transfer, thermal resistance, material section, fin geometry and cost considerations.

Types of Heat Pipes

by | Dec 3, 2020 | Celsia Blog,Heat Pipes,Home | 0 Comments

Design & best uses of standard heat pipes, vapor chambers, thermosyphons, as well as variable conductance, loop, rotating, & oscillating heat pipes.

Heat Sink Design Options

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Compares the thermal performance, weight, and cost of heat sinks using solid metal, embedded heat pipes, and a vapor chamber for a 100W application.

Heat Pipe Heat Sink Design

by | Apr 21, 2020 | Celsia Blog,Home | 0 Comments

CFD analysis comparing the thermal performance (Delta-T) and cost of 5 different heat pipe heat sink configurations for a 250W application.

Vapor Chamber vs Heat Pipe

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Although based on the same inner working principles, heat pipes and vapor chambers have unique characteristics in terms of design, usage and integration.

Custom Manufactured
Two-Phase Heat Sinks

Extruded Heat Sink

Pairing heat pipes or vapor chambers with extruded heat sinks offers a cost-effective and reliable two-phase solution.

Zipper Fin Heat Sink

Allowing for very high fin density, these heat sinks are the most common performance choice for use with heat pipes

Machined Heat Sink

Offering the most design flexibility, and highest cost, CNC machined heat sinks are used when production volumes are small.

Skived Heat Sink

Heat sinks manufactured using this process have excellent thermal properties coupled with high fin aspect ratio and low tooling cost.

Full Heat Sink Assemblies

To streamline installation, complete thermal assemblies can come with attached fans, mounting hardware, and TIM material.

Heat Sink Oddities

When ‘traditional’ heat sink designs won’t work, Celsia can provide square heat pipes, two-phase bricks, or vertical vapor chambers.