Custom Heat Sink Supplier for Challenging Applications

Celsia specializes in two phase heat sink design and manufacturing for Fortune 500 and mid-market enterprise companies.

Custom heat sinks have shipped in over two million products from our US and Asia based design and product facilities. Our goal is to provide fast, affordable, and reliable thermal solutions using vapor chamber, heat pipe and hybrid designs.


One Piece Vapor Chamber Heat Sinks

We pioneered this low cost heat pipe alternative nearly a decade ago. Bendable and thin with the ability to cool 450 w/cm2, vapor chambers by Celsia were the first to cool high performance graphics cards, DRAM, and notebook PCs.


Two Piece Vapor Chamber Heat Sinks

Versatile heat spreaders that can be stamped into almost any shape to mold around crowded components or be incorporated into lid enclosures. Through holes and variable porosity wick structures equal extreme design flexibility.


Heat Sinks Using Custom Heat Pipes

Two phase heat transfer workhorse ideal for transporting heat to remote locations. Changes to wick structure, wall thickness, and product shape are optimized for each heat sink design.